The Noel Company, Inc. is New Mexico’s only certified affiliate member

The Noel Company, Inc. is New Mexico’s only certified affiliate member

Finally, a cost-effective method to achieve higher-quality concrete slabs.

Ductilcrete® encompasses a family of concrete flatwork systems that include slabs, pavements, and toppings. Ductilcrete® Slab Systems and it’s Alliance Members form a national, turn-key design-build network for all product applications. Ductilcrete systems are designed for purposes that best suit owners’ needs and exceed performance and aesthetic expectations. Engineered, stamped drawings are provided for all projects.

 Critical to the performance of Ductilcrete products is the unique method of placement and finishing by trained and qualified Alliance Members. Equally as essential to the success of our systems is our QA/QC oversight, Ductilcrete sealer/densifier and Ductilcrete chemical & mechanical admixtures. It’s the combination of these elements, coupled with decades of combined experience between Ductilcrete staff and Alliance Members, that makes the best performing, most cost-effective concrete flatwork system in the industry.

Ductilcrete delivers the most cost-effective, state-of-the-art floor slab ever seen in the industry.

We all know the problems traditionally faced with concrete slabs, Ductilcrete’s patented system overcomes these problems and also offers numerous advantages:

• Sustainable (Reduced use of steel, stone, cement, fuel and chemicals)

• Cost-effective compared to ALL industrial slab designs recognized by ACI standards

• Virtually curl-free slabs

• Impact and abrasion resistant

• Joint reduction: Up to 70% fewer joints than traditional designs

• Extended warranty of 3-5 years

• Engineer stamped drawings

• Slab/Joint maintenance reduction up to 80%

• Increased life cycle

• Material handling equipment maintenance reduction

• Flatness and levelness of the floor remain constant

• Extremely dense, durable surface over other floor types

• Freezer & cooler compatible

• Exceedingly the most cost-effective extended joint floor system on the market

• Greater light reflectivity (reduced energy consumption)

• QA/QC oversight for projects with follow up performance inspections and reports

• Several million square feet already installed and performing beyond owner expectations


Ductilcrete interior floor slabs substantially reduce life cycle costs with a virtually curl-free slab that dramatically reduces end user maintenance costs — 70% fewer joints means 80% fewer cracks than conventional slabs. Lighting costs are also reduced as the interior floor slabs feature outstanding light reflectivity.

 The interior slabs are incredibly dense, making them stain/abrasion resistant and extremely easy to clean. Ductilcrete floors remain flat and level and are compatible with retail, manufacturing, and industrial applications.


Ductilcrete is a superior exterior paving option as compared to asphalt. The paving option offers extremely low maintenance costs by eliminating the need for seal coating and/or resurfacing. With no deterioration from fuel or oil spills, Ductilcrete offers a much more refined visual appeal than asphalt and greater life expectancy too.

 Sustainability is also built into exterior Ductilcrete solutions by lowering the heat island effect, the use of recycled materials and absorption of carbon from the atmosphere. A reduction in profile thickness also results in less trucking, aggregate and fuel.


When full removal and replacement of an existing slab is not affordable or practical, the industrial and retail topping might just be the solution. Ductilcrete topping solutions are poured to a minimum of 2.5” over an existing slab and the final topping depth is fully customizable based on the design requirement.

Ductilcrete topping solutions reduce overall project schedules and offer an affordable way to upgrade a cracked, crumbling slab to a smooth, level, like-new version. Can be used for VAT encapsulation.


Like the industrial and retail topping, white topping encapsulates an existing surface and dramatically improves appearance and adds value. White topping over asphalt lowers the heat island effect and cuts maintenance costs with no seal coating and/or resurfacing needed.

 White topping also dramatically increases visual appeal over a cracked and damaged surface and offers a monolithic curb. Fuel and oil spills will not deteriorate Ductilcrete, ensuring that the new surface will look great for years to come.